Water Spots on Your Ceiling?

If you’re getting water coming and intruding into your house, mold has got to be a real worry.  And, if you see any discoloration on your ceiling (like in the image below) that water stain may be the result of a roof leak that has been brewing for quite some time. IMG_2349 2019-11-19 22_29_46

The real problem with these small leaks, or these slow leaks, is that you don’t really realize that you have a leak until it’s been going on for quite a while. So that will cause a lot of wood rot in your roof deck, potentially your roof trusses, and it can get into your insulation.  With water intrusion you could be growing some mold or fungus on the roof structure underneath the installation, and at the top of your dry wall, where you can’t see it.  You could be growing mold in your attic space and not even realize it because it is not a heavy enough leak to manifest inside the house where you can see it. The water intrusion may wait to be seen, and can be happening over 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, and on.  And, then the hot attic air is a perfect place for mold or fungus to thrive.   


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